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Christopher and Maria Giles - Joint Principals of

the Music School

Chris Gales - Principal Teacher of the Music School based in Middlesex, LondonChristopher met Maria in 2002 when they were both studying music in London. Christopher was completing a Masters degree in performance studies following a Bachelors degree, whilst Maria was studying English anthems as part of a Phd in Musicology.

Maria Giles - - Principal Teacher of the Music School based in Middlesex, LondonMaria has first-hand experience of the standard of music education in Russia having trained at the piano from the age of five and then as a pianist and musicologist at the Special Music School for gifted students in Kazan. She went on to attend the Moscow State Conservatoire where she obtained a Masters in the theory and history of music and then completed a three year postgraduate course in Musicology.

Coming from these backgrounds, is was possible to see how a combination of teaching methods and curricula would benefit British children.